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Current and most recent projects

'Bondage Thoughts'

Nawashi Murakawa has worked on the award-winning 'Bondage Thoughts', directed by Kennny D Rye, of Kendo productions.

Playboy Channel: 2006-2008

Nawashi Murakawa has worked on two separate series of five 30 minute programmes for the Playboy Channel directed by John Luton. His principal involvement is providing art direction and Japanese rope bondage that is featured extensively throughout the series as well as props, setting and styling.

From the Repenthouse rehearsals'Repenthouse' film work (July 2005)

Nawashi Murakawa's role in the production has included production design with responsibility for logos, graphics, artwork, construction of cages, props, sets, Japanese bondage.


A gallery featuring a selection of photos from the production of the film is available. View the 'Repenthouse' gallery.



Previous Film, Video, & TV Productions

Prod. Name Pain IS
Prod. Info Directed Steve Dwoskin ZDF Mainz Arte/ Films de ICI
Tx Date Released and shown in Europe 1997
Description Independent film documentary about all the complex aspects of pain
My contribution Japanese rope bondage and interviews with two women
Running Time 50 minutes

Prod. Name FHM Review
Prod. Info EMAP Radio/Publishing UK
Tx Date Channel Five UK Winter 1998
Description TV Documentary made in 'Euro Trash' style
My contribution Interviews and Japanese Rope bondage with man and women tied together
Running Time 60 minutes

Prod. Name Bravo's Backroom
Prod. Info Bravo, Grip House studios, Molinaire
Tx Date Bravo TV, Sky TV. Shown 100s of times in 1998
Description TV Film and corporate video
My contribution Interviews and v/os with filmed performance of Japanese rope bondage with one girl. Sync sound, shot in 35mm
Running Time 1 1/2 minute and 2 1/2 minute versions

Prod. Name Japanese Bondage Art Performance from the hands of Nawashi Murakawa
Prod.Info GD Graphics in conjunction with Nawashi Murakawa. Direction - George Diambov
Tx Date Independent release date - Spring 1997
Description Independent underground style documentary video
My contribution Shot live in numerous London SM clubs with 'mixed' US/UK/Japanese industrial music soundtrack. Japanese rope bondage with many women, men, transvestites and transsexuals, shot in very difficult club locations.
Running Time 60 minutes

Prod. Name Japanese women - wanted to volunteer (M'JYO) for a rope bondage session (Kinbaku)
Prod. Info SIAD productions Surrey UK
Tx Date Winter 1998, Student Film Festival
Description Independent TV documentary. Multi screen visual style short
My contribution V/o interview and performances and scenarios of Japanese rope bondage with 3 women and one man. Shot at Murakawa Productions.
Running Time 10 minutes

Prod. Name The Swords
Prod. Info Ridley Scott Associates (RSA London). Direction - Tony Scott
Tx Date TV series, UK. Summer 1998 Sky One TV/US TV station
Description Feature and TV series for US release
My contribution Japanese rope bondage on location shoot at 'Ministry of Sound' London. Including bondaged girls as Go-Go dancers in cages and supplying special props, materials, suspended figures and 8 good bondage extras
Running Time 8 TV episodes of 60 minutes

Prod. Name British Sex
Prod. Info September Films Molinaire London
Tx Date 9 TV episodes late Autumn 1998. My episode, Part 9 special shown Jan 11, 1999
Description TV adult documentary series
My contribution Interviews v/os and Japanese rope bondage performance with 2 women, both suspensions
Running Time 60 minutes programmes, 7 minute insert

Prod. Name Bravo's Basement
Prod. Info Bravo TV Molinaire
Tx Date #78 Autumn 1998
Description Light entertainment late night chat show
My contribution Location shoot in London nightclub, with interviews and Japanese rope bondage with one girl
Running Time 6 minute insert, 30 minute programme

Prod. Name Skin Two CD Rom No 1
Prod.Info Dervish Studios Brighton UK Direction/Cam Tony Luke
Tx Date Skin Two Fetish Magazine London - spring 1998
Description CD Rom production, Ehned on location at Murakawa Productions
My contribution Sepia finted Japanese rope bondage performance with special music theme, with one girl.
Running Time 6 minutes (Quick time movie and full screen video versions)

Prod. Name Trouble on Earth
Prod. Info Roller Coaster Productions London. Directed Alex Kaufmann
Tx Date 1998
Description Independent feature
My contribution Japanese rope bondage with main actress on location shoot in London SM club.
Running Time 120 minutes

Prod. Name Real Bondage
Prod. Info Subliem Video Production, MJP 242, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Directed Henk Albronda
Tx Date Summer 1997
Description Subliem SM Magazine Video production
My contribution Three 'Hard Core' Japanese rope bondage performances shot on location with one woman.
Running Time 60 minutes

Prod. Name Diesel Fashion Company
Prod. Info Style Lab London
Tx Date Video, Winter 1998
Description Corporate video & commercial
My contribution London Fashion Week, Autumn 1998. Japanese rope bondage and all accessories for models on live fashion show at Earls Court Exhibition Centre London. Special materials, bondage for 18 girls and 6 men. Nearly 90 changes in less than 25 minutes.
Running Time 20 minutes

Prod. Name '1 to 1'
Prod. Info Televisie produkfie Amsterdam TVA interview by Sula
Tx Date Channel A1 Amsterdam Netherlands, Summer 1997
Description Daytime TV interview and chat show
My contribution Interviews and live Japanese rope bondage performance with one man in Amsterdam club location
Running Time 20 minutes, in 30 minute programme

Prod. Name Fashion Tsushin/Diesel
Prod.Info STN TV Tokyo Japan
Tx Date STN TV Tokyo 1998
Description Fashion, weekly TV programme
My contribution Hi-lights of Diesel's London Fashion Week show. Diesel were given more time than numerous others because of my Japanese rope bondage in fashion show.
Running Time 30 minute programme

Prod. Name Nightrider #1
Prod. Info Televisie produktie Amsterdam TVA Prod Dorine Baas.
Tx Date Spring 1997 SBS 6 TV Netherlands.
Description Euro trash style TV show. Bizarre filmed reports and interviews, filmed on location in London.
My contribution In depth interview at Murakawa Prods in East London, followed by live Japanese rope bondage performance in SM club with woman taken around Soho tied In Comode chair. The last scene shot in MacDonalds in Shaftsbury Avenue, Picadilly London.
Running Time 30 minute programme, my insert: last 15 minutes (1/2 of show).

Prod. Name Nightrider #2
Prod. Info Televisie produktie Amsterdam TVA Prod Dorine Baas
Tx Date Summer 1997 SBS 6 TV Netherlands
Description A TV 'sequel'of #1 filmed on location in Amsterdam Netherlands.
My contribution Interview at 'De Mask' new catalogue launch and press conference held after Europerve May 1997. Also including Hi-lghts of my staged show of Japanese rope bondage.
Running Time 6 minute insert in 30 minute programme.

Prod. Name 'Archangel Thunderbird'
Prod. Info Starring Doug Bradly (Pinhead in four 'Hellraiser' movies) and Eileen Daly ('Razorblade Smile'). Manga images animation. Direction Tony Luke.
Tx Date Summer 1998. Sci-Fi Channel, Sky TV/UK.
Description Independent Manga,'Sci-Fi feature' pilot.
My contribution Set styling, props and Japanese rope bondage with Eileen Daly. Shot on location In Brighton UK.
Running Time 60 minutes TV/film/pilot.

Numerous private video and photo sessions

Radio Broadcasts

Prod. Name 'Sex Talks'
Prod.Info Liberty FM Talk Radio London
Tx Date Spring 1998
Description Live interview and chat show dealing with adult topics.
My contribution Full 30 minutes live radio interviews and discussion about Japanese rope bondage.
Running Time 30 minutes

Club Events (some of the below, many times)

'Torture Garden London. Sex Maniacs Ball (Erotic Oscar winner 1998). Adventures of Cwendoline. Renaissance I and II. The House of Sister Switchblade. Night School. Spanner SM-Ball. Bound and Gagged. Submission. Indecent Exposure. Club Succumb. The Fetish Market. Arcadia I and II. Rubber Nipple Club. League of Hedonists. Club Saucy. Club Rub. Club Domina. Club Whiplash. Skin Two Rubber Ball. SM-Pride.

Other UK Events

Endorfin Visions Brighton. Sundissential Rubber Ball., Birmingham. Club Whip. Apocrasy, Birmingham. Mostly Harmless Leeds.

Torture Garden Dungeon

Designed, lit and created by Nawashi Murakawa. Including props, lamps, shrines, scrolls, musicians, temples, ceramics stages. Kimonos and special Japanese dungeon decor. I also make Japanese rope bondage workshop nights at all the events (July to December 1998) with Resident Dominitrix, Madame Tachibana. A six month commitment.

Europe Events

'Europerve' Amsterdam, Netherlands 1997 and 1998. 'Smartschip' Amsterdam 1998. 'Fetish Freaks Festival' Amsterdam 1998. Cellar Club Amsterdam 1997 and 1998. 'Absolute Arrogance' Amsterdam 1998. 'Suite 16' Amsterdam 1998. 'Planet Sex' Muiden Netherlands 1997. Zurich 'Love Parade' 1997. 'Temple of Madness' Zurich Switzerland 1997. 'Terrinus' Olten Switzerland 1997. 'Mad-Max' II Arosa Switzerland 1997. 'Mad-Max' III 1998. Arosa Switzerland. 'Fetish Revolution' Nuremberg Germany 1997. 'La Boutique Demonia' Paris France 1998. 'Urgence' (Emergency) Paris France 1998.

Rest of World Events

'Dept H' On Air West Tokyo Japan 1998. The 'Salon' of Sensil Aketchl Denki Tokyo Japan 1998.

Skin Two Tour

'London Fetish in the USA' 1997 including:

'The Bank' New York. 'Arena Blaze' dominatrix party, Manhatten New York. 'Squeeze Club' Fort Lauderdale. 'Paddles' at Pandoras Box Manhattan New York. 'Nutcracker Suite' Manhattan New York. 'Smack-Party' at Fat Boys Manhattan New York USA (all 1997).

Interviews, Features, Photo sessions

Subliem SM Magazine Rotterdam Holland

Marquis Magazine Solingen Germany

Demonia Magazine Paris France

SM Sniper Magazine* Tokyo Japan

Bizarre Magazine* Tokyo Japan

M Magazine Tokyo Japan

Nyan Nyan Club* Tokyo Japan (Club)

Ritual Magazine London UK

Plus others

* The best-Japanese Bondage Magazines

Special Events, Press Conferences, Parties

'Preaching to the Perverted' feature film world premiere launch party. Hosted by Skin Two Magazine, held at Heaven Club London 1997. 'Eros in Hell' Japanese exploitation Cinema. Book launch party. Hosted by Creation Books London 1998. Seminars and workshops at Rubber Ball Weekend 1998, Spanner SM-BaIls preview 1997.

Pop Videos

6 inch killers - TX 1997/ TV Babies - TX 1998