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Melt in the night of Kinbaku


Photo of Kuyoko in bondage

Kuyoko - suspension, with
bamboo stick, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

© 2001-2005 Nawashi Murakawa

It was a bar (in Tokyo) when I first met Mr. Murakawa. I went to the bar with full excitement when I heard a British Nawashi gives out a show. I had never heard a non-Japanese use a hemp rope instead of leather binding-kit. It was not a mere curiosity which urged me to go there. I wanted to see how he express himself binding bodies with his hemp rope.

I did not expect I could have the honour to be bound myself. When I heard about it before the show, I became nervous and flushed with joy and a hint of embarrassment. Always I really get nervous before Kinbaku or a slave-girl play. Sometimes my hearing goes off. As to relax me he put the rope around my body whispering, and pulled it up in the air.

Slave girls often speak of their binding experience as the security, they feel secured as if the rope embraces them. I felt the same that night and I experienced my nervousness quickly changed into a dreamy ecstasy. I soon sensed that he had a power to give a woman the feeling of joy.

A week after the show, again I had a chance to be bound by Mr. Murakawa. On the way to SM hotel, again I was with the nervousness. Or, to be honest, it was an expectation for another wonderful experience. That night it was not just Kinbaku. Mr. Murakawa greeted me with the same warm smile but as soon as Kinbaku started I realized that Kinbaku this time is much more serious. I was glorified to know that Mr. Murakawa was trying to bind me more to his will. There were severe postures that was hard to bear without a cry but even the pain gave me a pleasure.

When I am bound, I can feel that I become so sensitive that I can sense the sound, the smell and even the body temperature of Nawashi, all these proceeding towards me through the air like waves. The sweat trickles down my back. Sweating, my whole body perceives all these.

In those moments, I can reassure myself that I am alive. In the photo he gave me, I was so lost in my pleasure that I was rather ashamed of myself for thinking that Mr. Murakawa had seen me like that. Never mind. Not only his Kinbaku but all the props he use, like the hemp rope, Kimono, Geta and bamboos, arouse sympathetic feeling to Japanese. As a Japanese girl, I melt into his world and it feels so good I do not know why but my body heats up.

Through his binding, the mystery of Kinbaku has deepened even more. I wonder what he is going to express by his ropes: what has he got inside himself? If I have a chance I wish to keep in touch with his art.